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Earn Extra Income Mentoring Young Companies

We match our Mentors, usually retired or semi-retired executives with exciting young ventures.

They use their experience to help grow young companies which typically lack the acumen to seize opportunities and removing the constraints to growth.  This is particularly true given today’s economic climate – as companies need to be creative with their resources.

We create Advisory Boards and Board of Directors, and find special problem solvers for exciting new ventures. We match our mentors to a company’s needs and then watch as the company’s benefit which more often than not can lead to a greater valuation.  We cater to young public companies and with discretion, start-ups.

We market our Mentors to private and public companies, Investment Banks, Brokerage Companies, Venture Capital firms, Private Equity Groups and those that finance and build enterprises.

There is no substitute for experience!


The Mentoropolis System

Companies can preserve precious cash by issuing shares and securities for payment of services. You provide your resume and fill out our questionnaire and we will work to match you with companies that can benefit from your experience. When you find a company and people you like, we negotiate your compensation; typically a mix of cash and securities.


Profit by Earning Shares That Can Grow Exponentially

We seek out companies that are undervalued and for lack of managerial acumen could be fast growing, profitable and global enterprises. By supplying them with the experience and problem solvers they require, we often increase the value of any company substantially.



"No company can be greater than the sum and substance of its people"

Young, Creative with Special Skills?

We  place young  and talented professionals into companies.  These include web designers, programmers, marketing & PR people and practically any other business related skill  that can increase company’s value.  Please visit:

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Becoming a Mentor is Easy

We can assist you  in packaging your skills so that we can place you in companies that can profit by your experience. To get started simply send us an e-mail from the link on our

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